Zombies in the 1800’s

Set in 1876 Philadelphia, Something Strange and Deadly follows Eleanor Fitt who’s only worries are her family’s financial decline in high society, and whether or not her brother will finally come home to save them from potential destitution, before her mother marries her off to a rich husband.
But the dead are rising in a nearby cemetery in greater numbers than usual, and her brother’s gone missing. Determined to help her brother Eleanor goes to the Spirit-Hunters, a group of three who’ve sworn to protect the people in Philadelphia, whether they want them to or not.

In this story it is not a surprise for the public for the dead to revive. They have no explanation for it, just that every once and awhile one of the dead will come to life. The lore is different than traditional zombie stories, their bites will not turn you into an undead, instead it can just cause injury or death. It is only that now too many dead rising, and they seek out aid from the Spirit-Hunters to save them.
I like that Eleanor isn’t a total princess-type or a total rebel. She is still enough of a lady to dislike some of the things about the Spirit-Hunters and is not totally able to defend herself. It makes it more real, because as a lady of privilege she never would have had an opportunity to act like that. It also gives her character a chance to grow as the story goes on.
The other characters are wonderfully colorful, and I am able to picture them and their quirks fully. The chemistry between Daniel and Eleanor is great, even if they don’t seem to realize it. There is plenty of action, and enough back-story to understand everything. I put it down at the end amped up to read the second.

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